Upcycled Birdcage Light- Not Just For The Birds Anymore

One of my favorite finds at the thrift store is bird-cage. There are so many different things that you can do with them.  This one initially  had been a wedding envelope holder, but was perfect for what I had planned.

Great Deal at 3.99

Items Needed:

You will need a light. This one is pieces I had left over from a .99 light I had used the glass pieces from for the Upcycled Silver Plated Spoons Plant Hanger.

A small lamp shade that attaches to your light bulb, as well as any other decor you want to add.


1. First disassemble the light socket if using an old light, unless you are using a store-bought candelabra or Edison type and unscrew the cord.

On mine I had already cut the cord to reduce the length.

2. Next feed your cord through your decorative hardware that you may be using if needed, then through the birdcage. You are now ready to attach your socket.

3. To make sure that my decorative hardware stayed in place, I hot glued it to the top of the birdcage.
4. Then reconnect the top to the bottom of socket. I painted my lamp socket to a hammered brown color also. Make sure that when you attach your socket to the cord that you put the bottom piece on first before rewiring the socket.

5. Then add your lamp shade. I chose a lampshade that clipped to my light bulb. Although, I think an Edison bulb would look great here.
  • Thrift Store Bird Cage                       $3.99
  • Thrift Store Light (on hand)               $  .00


  • TOTAL OF TODAY’S PROJECT              $3.99

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